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Field Crops

The Field Crops branch of Sde Eliyahu has been going since the early days of the Kibbutz. It is a thoroughly modern farming unit and, like other branches of Sde Eliyahu, specializes in the growing of its crops according to the principles of organic agriculture. As of today, we farm approximately 5000 dunam (about 5 million square meters or 1300 acres). This is not including the area under cultivation by the other branches of the kibbutz (carrots, dates, grapes...). About seven kibbutz members work full time in the branch and at times various voulnteers join in to help. Also, like in other branches, children are encouraged to work several hours per week after school.

Due to the very low annual rainfall, the crops must be watered in both the summer and the winter. This is done by a system of pipes that have been buried under the ground, with tap-heads protruding from the ground at regular intervals. The sources of water are the numerous artesian springs that we have in the area and large storage reservoirs that the kibbutz has built and which we fill up during the winter months.

Wheat from Sde Eliyahu

The main crops that we grow are:

  • fodder: wheat, sweet corn, alfalfa, clover, vetch, oats. (mainly used for feeding our cow herd).
  • grain crops & seeds:wheat, sweet corn, coriander.
  • spices & herbs:coriander, oregano, hyssop, basil, dill, spinach. (Processed in our spice processing plant SDA Spice.)

For more information about the Sde Eliyahu Field Crops, please contact us at:

Phone: 972-4-6096611
Fax : 972-4-6096909

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