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Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu is one of Israel's largest growers of dates. We specialize in the growing of organic dates - without the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides - just like nature intended. Sde Eliyahu's location in the Beit Shean valley, some 200 meters An organic date below sea level, with a hot climate and an abundance of water provide optimal growing conditions. Our date groves provide habitat for migratory birds of prey as well as a large owl population which have been cultivated to naturally control the rodent population.

At Sde Eliyahu, we grow about ten different varieties of "fresh" and "dried" dates. All of our dates are grown to the strictest standards of organic agriculture. Our dates are marketed in a variety of bulk and gift packaging. They are also available pitted, chopped and pressed, as well as in date honey, syrup, pulp, and in a variety of spreads.

Nutritionally, almost no natural food can compare to organic dates. Dates are an important aid in digestion and are used to stabilize health problems such as constipation, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. The natural sugars found in dates are an excellent and healthy source of energy.

                    Nutritional Value of Dates (per 100 gr)                
   Natural Sugars 60.0 gr   Protein        1.46 gr   Fat            0.20 gr
   Potassium       600 mg   Iron           1.15 mg   Magnesium        35 mg
   Calcium          32 mg   Vitamin B1   0.6 mg/kg   Vitamin B2   2.3 mg/kg
   Niacin       0.5 mg/kg   Calories        270

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