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Market Garden

The Market Gardens on Sde Eliyahu comprise about 750 dunam (about 3/4 million square meters or 190 acres). The main crops are carrots, potatoes, parsley and paprika although other crops are added or subtracted from time to time.

We are always on the lookout for other crops that we can add to our list. As with other branches of the kibbutz, most of the crops grown by this branch are grown organically.

Carrots are the main crop and they alone keep the branch busy all the year round. Work for the new season begins in August with the preparation of the ground and the sowing of the carrots.The harvest starts in December and continues through to July. The carrots are harvested and brought to be washed, sorted and packed in the "carrot factory" which is situated on the kibbutz. Much of the carrots that we grow is exported to European countries.

The other major crop is potatoes. These also keep us busy for the whole year, with preparation of the ground and the sowing of the seeds starting in August and the harvest starting in December and lasting through to July. The potatoes are also mainly for the export market.

The branch also grows parsley and paprika for processing in the Kibbutz's spice drying plant SDA Spice. There are six fulltime workers, but in the busy period when the carrots need to be sorted, this number can swell to fifteen or more.

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