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On Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu we raise broilers for kosher slaughter.  We have 5 buildings in which to raise the chickens.  Three of the buildings have climate control in which the temperature and humidity are controlled from a central computer.  The computer not only controls temperature and humidity but also feeding times and amounts, lighting and gives an accurate accounting of the daily requirements of the chickens. Chickens are also automatically weighed in these chicken houses.

The water and feed intake as well as the weight give a constant indication of the flocks development.  The computer is  necessary to help us control interior temperature when the outside temperature in the summer daily reaches and often exceeds 45 degrees centigrade.  During the summer there is an extreme difference between the maximum and minimum temperature that often extends over 20 degrees.  This requires knowledge and experience to raise a healthy and successful flock.  This knowledge and experience has been transformed into new attempts that have improved animal welfare and cooling in the chicken houses of Sde Eliyahu.

The feed for the chickens is provided by the kibbutz's own feed mill.  The nutritional requirements  of the flock are easily converted in custom made feed in this way.  The feed supplied to the chickens of Sdei Eliyahu has also taken steps to improve itself.  In attempts to break away from traditional growth hormones with have been banned in many places organic additives have been introduced to allow for maximum growth potential despite the absence of these questionable growth promoters.  The feed mill also makes feed for the kibbutz's dairy.

We raise 6 flocks a year with each flock numbering 80,000 chicks.  The average growth period is 45 days for each flock.  The broilers are sent to the regional kosher slaughterhouse, OF TOV which is located in Beit Sean.  We produce approximately 170 tons of meat per flock, which are processed into a variety of products including Schnitzel, and other processed chicken entree's, which are further used for domestic consumption as well as export to Europe's kosher chicken market.


The boilers are managed by a member of the kibbutz who has 15 years of experience in this branch.  We are hoping for extensive refurbishing and enlargement of the farm in the near future.

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