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Grapes and Pomegranates

Sde Eliyahu has been growing grapes and pomegranates since the early 1950's. At present we have about 75 dunam (about 20 acres or 75000 square meters) of vineyards and 50 dunam (12 acres or 50000 square meters) of pomegranate orchards. Due to our location - in the Jordan rift valley and being some 200 meters below sea level, our grapes are some of the earliest in Israel to mature.

In the early 1970's, realising the dangers of conventional agricultural methods to the land, the farmers and the consumers, safe alternatives were sought, thus the introduction of organic farming. The methods used include: using organic compost; mulching of all organic matter within the orchard and vineyard; owls against small rodents; netting; and the use of various products produced by Sde Eliyahu's biological control unit BCI to control insects and bugs.

Recently, we have moved from harvesting the grapes and the pomegranates for direct marketing to the production of organic grape and pomegranate juices.

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