parashat hashavua

"The best of Parashat Hashavua"


YESHIVAT HAR ETZION Israel Koschitsky Virtual Beit Hamidrash. Alon Shevut, Gush Etzion.
MACHON MEIR Is israel's only program combining yeshiva studies with Zionism and love for all Jews
Aish HaTorah is an apolitical, international network of Jewish educational centers, providing opportunities forJews of all backgrounds to discover the wisdom and beauty of their heritage in an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect. Over 25 branches in 8 countries inspire over 100,000 people each year with the meaning of being Jewish
Mi-Oray-Ha-Aish: Rabbi Ari Kahn
mayanot: by Rabbi Noson Weisz
NCYI Weekly Divrei Torah, A Project of the National Council of Youing Israel 3 West 16th Street New York, NY 10011, Phone:212 929-1525 800 627-NCYI
Ohr Torah Stone Colleges and Graduate Programs. Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, Chancellor; Rabbi Chaim Brovender, Dean
PROJECT GENESIS: The Jewish Learning Network
PARSHA PARABLES: by Rabbi M. Kamenetzky.
HALACHA: Selected Halachos Relating To Parshat HaShevua By Rabbi Doniel Neustadt
Rabbi Yissocher Frand
SHABBAT-ZOMET is an extract from SHABBAT-B'SHABBATO, a weekly bulletin distributed free of charge in hundreds of synagogues in Israel. It is published by the Zomet Institute of Alon Shevut, Israel, under the auspices of the National Religious Party.Translated by: Moshe Goldberg
A project of Bar-Ilan University's Faculty of Jewish Studies, Paul and Helene hulman Basic Jewish Studies Center, and the Office of the Campus Rabbi. Sponsored by Dr. Ruth Borchard of the Shoresh Charitable Fund (SCF). Published with assistance of the President's Fund for Torah and Science.

Other worthwhile sites

Shiur on the Parashat HaShavua by members of the Kibbutz Hadati movement (In Hebrew at the moment)
Shiurim on Chumash and Navi by Menachem Leibtag In Memory of Rabbi Avraham Leibtag (1 Shvat, 5682 - 5 Adar, 5756
Shema Yisael Tora network
Rav Mordechai Elon is a highly regarded rabbi and a teacher of enormous popular appeal. Not only is he renowned for his learning, he is a distinguished leader, admired and respected by people in all walks of life. With his ready smile and attentive demeanor, he is never too busy to listen to others, to explain, to advise and to teach.
Eretz Hemdah was established about seventeen years ago to prepare judges and spiritual leaders for the national-religious community in Israel and abroad. There was a need for leaders who combined great Torah expertise together with a strong Zionistic background, a combination which was not easily found in the country at that time.Rabbi Shaul Israeli ztl, a great Torah personality, rose to meet this challenge by establishing the Eretz Hemdah Institute. The Institute continues to follow his teachings, which are similar in thought and philosophy to those of the late Rabbi A.I. Kook.
The Orthodox Union is the largest and most dynamic Jewish movement of its kind in the world; the central address and national spokesman for 1,000 synagogues; a not-for-profit educational, outreach and social service organization which serves the burgeoning North American Jewish community.
The Messora website was created as a free, public reference for Judaic study, including interactive forums for discussions and activism relevant to the Jewish community.
The Israel Center has a vast range of social, cultural, and religious programs for young and old alike. These activities are supported by the Orthodox Union, Jewish Agency, and various Israeli Government ministries and municipalities. In addition, many friends continue to assist the critical educational work of the Israel Center contributing, for example, to an unprecedented growth of youth and community programming all around the country.
The Weekly Parshat Shavua Daf is a Newsletter which includes Divrei Torah on the Parsha, Halacha and Educational columns, as well as for kids - all in a Zionistic approach. The "Torah MiTzion Kollel" program establishes centers for the study of Torah and promulgates the connection between Torah and Israel. Torah Mitzion/ "Beit Meir" /54 King George Street /P.O. Box 71109 /Jerusalem, 91710 /Israel Tel: +972-(0)2-620-9020.

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